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Classical Gas

Featured Song
from album
Boogie Bistro

Terrence Farrell   *  Guitarist

   Classical Gas, featured song on Boogie Bistro album
Listen to a 1-minute MP3 excerpt from Terrence Farrell's performance of Classical Gas:

... So, there I was on a Sunday evening sitting down with my two brothers and my parents to watch the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. But, instead of the Smothers Brothers on stage there was a man sitting with his guitar and a backdrop of two big busses and he played what became one of the most popular pop instrumentals of all time.

As it turned out, he was a comedy writer for the Smothers Brothers and they discovered that not only did he write good jokes, but he was quite a guitarist and composer as well. So, they featured him that night. His name was Mason Williams and the work he played was Classical Gas.

Terrence Farrell  

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