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 CD Reviews 

Here Comes The Sun
Reviewed by Amazon.com reviewer SML "reader in Northridge"

Travels with My Spanish Guitar
Reviewed by Scott MacClelland

 International Concert Reviews 

Irish Times, Dublin, Ireland
         "Farrell showed himself to be a very sensitive player with a real command of the wide colouring of the instrument."

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  "Terrence Farrell is a persuasive artist, with a subtle and sensitive approach, and his instrument spoke eloquently throughout the evening."
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Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany
  "It was unbelievable what Farrell was able to get out of the instrument. The audience was enraptured."

Mallorca Daily, Mallorca, Spain
  "...romantic feeling, showing wit, charm and unmatched brilliance."
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A Tarde, Bahia, Brazil
  "exceptional performance...a tremendous gato, transports the soul beyond ether, almost to the heart of the world"

 U.S. Community Concert Reviews 

Journal Standard, Freeport, IL
  "It was an evening full of the most wonderful kinds of music that can only be produced by a brilliant guitarist on a classical instrument."
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The Daily Press - Friday, Craig, CO
  "Farrell warmed up the night with a selection of classical guitar music... he performed with charm and perfection."
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The Telegraph, Dixon, IL
  "Farrell's rendition of 'Summertime' from 'Porgy and Bess' opera ... as beautifully performed as l have ever heard... His own well-crafted compositions exhibited his talent as a major composer for the guitar."
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