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Flamenco Guitar Instruction by Terrence Farrell

Guitar Instructor Terrence Farrell demonstrating flamenco guitar playing technique Terrence Farrell is now offering flamenco guitar instruction for students in the Monterey Bay area including Monterey and Carmel, as well as Salinas, Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay area.

Besides being a world renowned solo classical guitarist, Terrence Farrell is an accomplished flamenco guitarist and is the accompanist for Alicia Morena di Palma and other flamenco dancers.

For examples of Terrence's flamenco guitar music performances, listen to excerpts from his CD albums Soul of Spain, España De Mi Corazón and Travels with my Spanish Guitar. Terrence is the composer of all of the selections on Travels with my Spanish Guitar, and the other albums include traditional Spanish flamenco music. You can also see a full-length video of Terrence performing Malagueña.

Music CD Soul of Spain features flamenco guitar music   Music CD Espana De Mi Corazon features flamenco guitar music   Music CD Travels with my Spanish Guitar features original flamenco guitar music   Terrence Farrell performing Malaguena

Terrence's insight into flameco music has been enhanced by his studying flamenco dancing, along with his wife. Dancing flamenco has brought about a deeper appreciation and a more nuanced approach to how to teach flamenco guitar playing.

"This is amazing. I never knew someone could play like that."

"The guitar comes alive in his hands...pure magic."

"One of the most incredible bits of guitar playing I've ever seen! Just...wow!!"

"Terrence is truly an expert and artist."
-a few comments about Terrence's performance of Malagueña on YouTube

Terrence Farrell accompanying flamenco dancers

Terrence Farrell accompanying a flamenco dancerGuitar Technique Taught

  • Flamenco Guitar lessons are taught with the basic right hand techniques similar to the classical guitar and including specialty techniques that are unique to flamenco. The student will be introduced to and become versed in alzapua, rasqueados, golpes, tremolo and picado, and will also learn about the all-important compas and other flamenco terms.

Personalization for Individual Guitar Students

  • Lessons are crafted on the individual needs and aspirations of the student whether it be just for fun or for more ambitious goals. Care is given to provide a well-rounded background in flamenco guitar.

Locations for Flamenco Guitar Instruction

  • Monterey
  • At your home or office in Monterey County or Santa Cruz County
  • Other location to be arranged

Flamenco Guitar Lesson Duration and Schedule

  • 1/2 hour - weekly
  • 3/4 hour - weekly or bimonthly
  • 1 hour - weekly or bimonthly

Available Days for Guitar Lessons

  • Monday through Thursday

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