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Featured Album

con Amor

Terrence Farrell   *   Guitarist


Listen to MP3 excerpts from Mexico con Amor:
  Cielito Lindo  Querino Mendoza y Cortés           Spanish Eyes  Bert Kaempfert
  Pobricita de mi alma  Augustín Lara

1.  ¡Ay, Jalisco no te rajes!  Manuel Esperón     10.  La Golondrina  Traditional
2. Cielito Lindo  Querino Mendoza y Cortés   11. Spanish Eyes  Bert Kaempfert
3. La Pajarera  Traditional   12. Noche de ronda  Augustín Lara
4. Por ti mi corazón  Manuel Ponce   13. Canción Mexicana  Traditional
5. La Valentina  Traditional   14. Solamente una vez  Augustín Lara
6. Las Alteñitas  Juan José Espinosa   15. Mexican Hat Dance & La Cucaracha  Traditional
7. Maria Elena   Lorenzo Barcelata   16. Pobricita de mi alma  Augustín Lara
8. Jesusita en Chihuahua  Querino Mendoza y Cortés   17. Tilingo Lingo  Traditional
9. La Rielera  Traditional   18. A mi linda Mariquita  Traditional

While sipping a margarita one warm and sunny day, the thought occurred to me that it would be fun to do a recording of just Mexican music. There are plenty of classical guitar recordings that mine the fertile fields of ethnic music from other Hispanic regions like Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. But, other than a few recordings of the great Mexican composer Manuel Ponce, there is little that has been offered. Having spent several years growing up in a border state, I became "hooked" on the music at a very early age. Everyone is familiar with mariachi music, but the diversity and extraneous influences that make up Mexican music may not be quite as apparent. There are real differences between Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, and Brazilian music as well as other regions "south of the border". Whereas most norte americanos think La Paloma is Mexican, it is likely a Mexican will tell you different. A good analogy would be Danny Boy. Although sharing the "English" language and being very popular in "America", it is nevertheless "Irish".

The breadth of Mexican music is incredibly vast; there is a big difference between music from the south and north as well as subtler differences between neighboring regions. The influence of Spain can be assumed to be obvious. The Indian influence is pervasive, especially in the music of the south. Then there are subtler influences with not so subtle effects, for example if you occasionally feel that with a change of instruments you could be in a beer hall in Bavaria, you are not mistaken. The polka is especially popular in the border states and speaks volumes about the influence of German settlers (as does the beer, I might add). Even the Irish, many of whom fought with Santa Anna, have had their influence. In the evenings the Irish would sit around their camp fires singing Irish folk songs, Green Grow the Lilacs being a favorite, hence the term "Gringo" for all non-Hispanics of European origin. But, that's another story!

This recording does not attempt to be a compendium of Mexican music. That would require a multiple CD set as well as a good part of the rest of my life to research. The influences go on and on, but the real story here is in the music. At times spirited, robust, vivacious, playful, heartfelt, sweet and incredibly tender.

I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to William Faulkner, Mexican Harpist and director of the Mariachi Mixtlan and to Andre de la Torre, guitarist and educator for their invaluable help guiding me through their wonderful world of Mexican music... and for the use of the sombrero!

Terrence Farrell  

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