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Farrell Heats Up a Cold Night

The Daily Press - Friday - Craig, CO

By Gwen Alexander
Staff writer

The only thing better than staying home in front of the fireplace and listening to Terrence Farrell on the stereo last night was braving the wind and snow to go listen to him in person.

Farrell warmed up the night with a selection of classical guitar music performed for members of Community Concerts at the high school auditorium Although part of his mind must have been on the snowy conditions he would face on his drive to the Denver Airport early this morning, he performed with charm and perfection.

With a warm and personable stage presence, Farrell introduced each piece with a story about its origin and how he came to include it in his concert program. Following the two hour concert, Farrell autographed CDs and cassettes which were offered for sale as remembrances of the evening.

It's all in a day's work for Farrell who is on a 70-concert tour across the United States.

"I thought I'd play the guitar and see the world," he said, "but I didn't know it would be during the worst time of year." He was referring to the concert season which is during the winter months.

Farrell has driven 4,500 miles and crossed the Continental Divide four times in the past month. This morning he departed for Denver and a flight home to Carmel, Calif. where he'll stay for a day before heading out again for another week. Then he'll be back home for Thanksgiving before hitting the road again. His next concert in this area is in Glenwood Springs March 2nd.

This is the first time Farrell has been in Craig and, judging from the enthusiastic response of his audience last night, it probably won't be his last. Dorcas Albaugh, president of Community Concerts, said he was a delight to work with and she hopes he will return for another concert some day.

Since his professional debut in 1976, Farrell has toured as a "cultural ambassador" for the United States State Department to present American music in foreign lands, given recitals aboard cruise ships, and won acclaim for his concert tours and recordings. At this concert, his renditions of classical, American, sensual Latin American and fiery Spanish flamenco compositions showcased the six-string classical guitar he played and his passionate technique.

Farrell is an example of the high quality of live musical entertainment the Community Concerts Association brings to Craig each year. The group has a membership drive each spring and uses the subscription money to book a series of five concerts during the winter. The sixth concert is a performance by local musicians. The local group is affiliated with the national Community Concerts Association and therefore has access to professional musicians such as Farrell.

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