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Brilliant Recital

Mallorca Daily Bulletin - Mallorca, Spain

Displaying a highly developed musical sense, young Californian guitarist Terrence Farrell ranged over a wide selection of works in his recital at the Guitar Centre, which began with a flawless rendering of the prelude and allegro of Fernando Sor to a masterful performance of Agustin Barrios' La Catedral and a three-part work in the South American style written expressly for him by American Composer Guy Horn.

The amazing warmth of his Hauser guitar also brought to new life the Villa-Lobos Fifth Prelude and Chôro and three pieces by Francisco Tárrega which, although often included in the concert repertoire, are seldom played with the deep romantic feeling of the century in which they were written.

The packed audience at the Guitar Centre brought Terrence back for a final encore and he played the fiery Danza Paraguaya of Barrios, with unmatched brilliance.

During his stay in Palma, Terrence also sat in at the Mallorca Music Club's Saturday Afternoon get-together and in the more informal setting showed wit and charm with an 1860's piece called The Minstrel Song and the well-known Forbidden Games to yet another appreciative audience.

The Guitar Centre is looking forward to the return of Mr. Farrell next year when he will once again be giving concerts in Europe.

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